Utrecht University – Utrecht Sustainability Institute

Utrecht University – Utrecht Sustainability Institute (UU-USI) Universiteit Utrecht

Consisting of more than 1500 affiliated researchers, the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI) is a leading network organization in the field of sustainability. Bringing private sector, research organisations and government bodies together to create sustainable changes is its core activity. USI avails of substantial in-house expertise in the fields of renewable energy, biobased production and sustainability. USI logo paars kleinUSI projects that are relevant to BiogasETC include ‘Green Gold Label’ on certification of sustainable biomass; ‘CATO2’ on Carbon Capture and Storage; USI participates in the EIT-financed project ‘Biogas2Market’, which aims to improve sustainability and economics of anaerobic digesters.

Within the BiogasETC project, USI is project lead and as such takes care of the project management; this will comprise warranting project coherence; taking care of internal and external communication where necessary; accelerating knowledge sharing through organising project workshops and meetings and monitoring project progress.