GDF SUEZ Research and Innovaton Center in Gas and New Energies (CRIGEN)  GDF-SUEZ-Logo-EPS

CRIGEN is the operational research and expertise center of the GDF SUEZ Group, dedicated to gas, new energies and emerging technologies. Its added value is lying on innovation, and transforming ideas and scientific knowledges into industrial applications or new distinctive commercial offers. CRIGEN’s missions are:

  1. to create value for our customers through technological innovation, operational expertise and the development of new products/services validated in our laboratories and computing data centers;
  2. to promote the emerging technologies use (nanotechnology, green gas, digital technology) in the Group’s businesses and
  3. to design, manage and implement innovative projects to increase safety and performance in industrial gas infrastructures or contribute to the development of energy offers and services for final customers

Competences in the field of bioenergy and green gas include:

  • Biogas and biomethane: production (from anaerobic digestion of wet biomass, treatment and upgrading, valorization)
  • Biomass valorization and biomethane production from dry biomass gasification
  • Biomethane injection on natural gas grid
  • Power to Gas (Hydrogen and synthetic natural gas)
  • LCA and environmental assessment : expertise on sustainable development (environment, health, sociology, biodiversity…) & social responsibility, methodological development and operational studies for LCA and other environmental & social assessment
  • Natural gas and biomethane quality measurement and metering

Within the BiogasETC project, GDF SUEZ is the French partner and will be the industrial partner with knowledge of the French market.