Fraunhofer IWES

Fraunhofer IWES – Division Bioenergy System Technologyiwes_rgb

This department carries out research on the integration of bioenergy plants into energy supply structures. The objective is to utilize opportunities for these technologies in providing sustainable energy supplies which have a high share of renewable energy, and to open up new potential. The focus of the R&D work on energetic biomass utilization is system technology for biogas plants and biogas upgrading. These offer high potential for offsetting supply-demand fluctuations in future energy supply structures. Some important research topics are:

  • Total system technology-based consideration and investigation of the whole process chain for electricity, heat, and energy source production from biomass
  • Biogas based systems for small and medium power ranges for decentralized use and also the integration of larger systems into network systems
  • Analysis of existing opportunities and development of new integration and commercialization opportunities for bioenergy systems
  • Monitoring and integration of biogas upgrading technology
  • Development of biogas fed “micro gas networks”

Within the BiogasETC project, IWES’ main responsibility will be to measure and verify the performance of the installation and to monitor its emissions to the environment. Additionally, IWES will take part in studies to compare available small-scale biogas upgrading technologies, and studies to identify the best niche for the installation in Germany and to formulate a suitable business model for the installation.