Province of Utrecht

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The Province of Utrecht is a Dutch public body with responsibility in the field of regional economy, mobility and spatial planning, among others. We aim the total of activities in our region, to be climate neutral and climate resilient by 2040. Building a strong (services)sector in the field of sustainability is a priority in our economic policy.

The Province of Utrecht aims to realise construction of 4 Green Gas refueling stations and have 2.500 to 3.000 Green Gas and natural gas powered vehicles on its roads within the next 4 years. The role of PoU consists of identification of opportunities to deploy the upgrading installation in this or other relevant biogas projects in the Province of Utrecht, such as the the EU Interreg Project ARBOR – Biomass for Energy. Within this project the Province of Utrecht facilitates the realisation of a biogas hub and the use of roadside grass for the production of biogas. Preconditions for a successful market introduction will be created by attempting to align the different actors in the identified biogas valorization chains for getting the biogas upgraded using the developed installation.