TNO is working on the entire biogas value chain from fermentation, biogas upgrading, transport, distribution and combustion. TNO performs research and technology development in the area of:

  • Enhanced and promoted fermentation for increased biogas production
  • Flexible and efficient biogas treatment and upgrading.
  • Dynamic modeling of gas quality in distribution networks
  • Integrity for biogas and natural gas infrastructure
  • Instrumentation, monitoring and (quality) control
  • Impact of using biogas fuels in engines, in particular the influences on exhaust emissions, catalyst efficiency, engine performance and engine

Biogas contains up to 50% CO2 as well as relatively high concentrations of H2S and NH3. We develop new and improved technologies and processes that have better efficiency and flexibility and are more reliable. Our expertise involves

  • Novel regenerative solvent systems
  • Selective membranes and membrane contactors for efficient separation of components from the gas stream
  • Novel chemical processes such as combined CO2 and H2S removal

The above mentioned technologies enable biogas to be efficiently upgraded to meet the requirements for green gas for injection in the natural gas grid, transportation fuel, bio-LNG and bio-CNG.

Within the BiogasETC project, the role of TNO is the knowledge partner with regard to CO2 and H2S removal and especially with regards to using washing as a solution to upgrade biogas.