Imperial College London – ICEPT

Imperial College London; Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT)  imperial_logo

The Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT) provides nationally & internationally recognized interdisciplinary research, policy advice and postgraduate training on energy policy and technology. ICEPT addresses key policy challenges including climate change, energy security and energy for development. ICEPT is the primary focus for energy policy research at the Energy Futures Lab of Imperial College London. ICEPT directs the Technology and Policy Assessment Function of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC). Founded in 1998 by the late Prof. Dennis Anderson, ICEPT has become a leading UK Centre for world class research and policy advice at the interface between policy and technology. In-house expertise spans engineering, economics, law and the bio-sciences. ICEPT works across the five principal research themes of Biomass & Bioenergy; Renewable Energy & Low Carbon Generation; Energy in Developing Countries; Infrastructure, Vectors & Alternative Fuels; and Markets, Policy & Systems Transitions.

Within the BiogasETC project, Imperial College will investigate the chances of small scale biogas upgrading in England and Wales and will aid in identifying market niches.